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Welcome to the Clemson Crew website. We are a competitive club rowing team, directed and operated by students of Clemson University. Feel free to learn more about us, how to join the team, or see our regatta schedule.

Current News

Join Clemson Crew

Posted By: Ty Youngblood on January 18, 2011 | 12:26 p.m.

For anyone interested in joining Clemson Crew, there will be two interest meetings held this Tuesday and Wednesday (January 18th and 19th) at 8:00 PM in Daniel 100B.


Please come regardless of your level of interest. We will be able to answer any questions you may have.

If you cannot attend either of these meetings but are still interested, do not fret. Just e-mail! If you'd like to start getting your cardio up, we recommend heading down to the gym or getting an inexpensive rowing machine for your home. For strength training, stick to Starting Strength and whey protein.

Pictures and Spring 2011

Posted By: Ty Youngblood on January 4, 2011 | 8:21 p.m.


 Pictures from the Fall 2010 season have been updated. To view these photos please follow the link below.


Also, the schedule for the Spring 2011 season has been posted under calender.

Spring 2011 Schedule:
Lanier Heartburn Indoor Sprints - January 29th (Gainesville, GA)
SERCS - March 5th (Aiken, SC)
John Hunter Regatta - March 26th (Gainesville, GA)
Clemson Sprints - April 2nd (Clemson, SC)
SIRA Regatta - April 16th-17th (Oak Ridge, TN)


Come out and support!


Back Down South: HOTS 2010

Posted By: Ty Youngblood on November 17, 2010 | 5:57 p.m.

 This past weekend Clemson closed its head race season with a trip to Augusta, Georgia to race at Head of South. This was perhaps the most fun regatta of the year that included many boats, a lot of medals, and a few silly costumes.

Nolan Lacy began his sculling career early Saturday morning with a 4th place finish in the novice 1x, and Chris Czech continued his sculling success with a 2nd place finish in the LTWT 1x event. The men's novice freshman 8+ and the men's novice freshmen 4+ completed their races to earn a gold medal while the novice women continued to show improvement. The women's champ 4+ crushed their competition to take 1st, and the women's LTWT 8+ had their strongest showing of the year, placing 2nd. The women's LTWT 4+ continued their success by achieving a 3rd place finish. The varsity men's A 8+, clad in sleeveless flannel, lumberjacked their way to 3rd place. The coaches brought in several medals as well with a silver finish in men's 2x, a gold in women's champ 2x, and a bronze in the mixed 2x. Every boat in a mixed event placed in the top three. A 1-2 finish in the 4+ and 1-3 finish in the 8+. 

The team placed third in team points behind Georgia Tech and Florida.

For a complete list of results go here and for official results here.

Pictured below: The mixed A 4+ was dressed to impress

The head race season ended on a high note as several coxswains were tossed in the Savannah River before heading back to Tiger Town. 

Thanks to all of our supporters who made this season possible. Each rower worked hard to earn medals and make improvements. 

I would like to recognize Mary Kate Manhard and Brandon Hendrick as the seniors who rowed their final semester. 

Be sure to tune in next semester to find out more about sprint season!

Head of the Hooch!

Posted By: Ty Youngblood on November 9, 2010 | 2:02 p.m.

 This past weekend the team returned to Chattanooga, Tennessee, for the 2010 Head of the Hooch regatta. Though the medal count was not as high as their last trip to Chattanooga, the team's hard work was evident against some of the stiffest competition in the nation. 

Temperatures were frigid for most of the day Saturday. So cold that the first several boats to race were forced to chip the frozen dew from their boats. The varsity women's 8's began the day. The open 8+ claimed 9th of 16, and the lightweight 8+  scored a 3rd place finish. Two women's open 4's took 6th and 24th out of 33. While the lightweight four came in a respectable 4th place finish (out of 12). The women's championship 4+ went up against many DI boats finishing 40 of 42. 

This week the men had several strong showings. The 4's started the day for the men. The B open 4+ came in 11th of 33, the A open 4+ not too far behind at 29th, and the lightweight men's 4+ took 10th out of 12 in their race. The open 8+ A and B boats finished 6th and 14th respectively out of 15. To finish the day for the men, the champ 4+ placed 10th of 16.

The novice squad continued to show how much they have learned. The novice women placed 42 of 46 in their lone 8+ and finished 30 of 37 in their 4+. The men entered three 8's and three 4's. The 8's took 16th, 20th, and 25th out of 30 while the fours finished 6th, 23rd, and 32nd out of 32. 

Overall, the team had many good races. Race weekend was a great success and plenty of fun. Thank you rowers, parents, coaches, and supporters for your hard work. 

For a complete list of results go here and for official regatta results go here

The team will conclude its season this weekend (November 13th) at the Head of the South in Augusta, GA. 

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